How To Hit Lwoer Notes

12/11/2018 Practice holding lower and lower notes in your range while singing Mee. Select a note in the middle of your vocal range. Then, start singing mee and continue on for as long as you are comfortable with. […]

How To Get Iphone 5

12/12/2012 · For instance, if you got the iPhone OS 4 download installed and decided you would rather have a prior version of the firmware on your iPhone, you would need to do this through DFU mode. How to […]

How To Use Jump Starter Box

I use my Simplicity lawn tractor as my “portable” jump start at my home. circuitsmith 2009-12-04 15:52:13 UTC #20 “Mine showed full right out of the box” […]

How To Get Fnaf World

FNAF World: Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's World! The crazy Five Nights at Freddy's characters (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy) have come together in this awesome FNAF World game made by a fan to fight a wave of bloodthirsty enemies! […]

How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain From Driving

How to Get Rid Of Neck Pain in 1Min: Neck ache is a fairly frequent medical state of affairs that occurs because of any abnormality inside the constructions of the neck, which contains bones (vertebrae), nerves, muscle teams and the disks between the bones. […]

How To Get A Marijuana Plant

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a new class of cannabis that have only really emerged on the commercial market within the last few years. Autoflowering cannabis seeds, as the name would suggest, produce plants that begin to flower all on their own after a … […]

How To Create Online Help Documentation

Help authoring tools (HATs) or user assistance development tools are specialized editors and converters you can use to create online technical documentation. Today, many help authoring tools also provide features for single source publishing, which means that you can generate several output formats and versions from one shared text base. While most help authoring tools manage to produce […]

How To Fix Hard Water In Your Shower Rental Property

Sometimes you might need to work out the water usage charge at your property outside of normal billing cycles. These calculators will tell you the total amount of water and the total cost of the water. […]

How To Find Ub02 Beauty

Whether you are a student who needs a laptop to help with your schoolwork, or a business person using a computer to run your company or entertain yourself on long commutes, a laptop will become your everyday companion, so you must find the right computer for you. If you are looking for the best laptops under $200, we have all the answers you need. […]

How To Get A Splinter Out With A Cup

How to Remove a Stubborn Splinter with no Pain or Needles by Sarah Pope MGA Updated: July 16 to draw toxins even a splinter right out of the skin! The vet said you could either soak the finger a few times a day in a cup of warm water and epsom salts or make a poultice with it. The poultice is much faster and more effective, however. Sounded easy enough. My husband decided to go the […]

How To Get Rid Of Nausea Due To Medication

Drugs that are used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure can also cause dizziness in some people. Unknown causes – although a cause may not be found in some people, it does not necessarily mean that these people cannot be helped by the appropriate treatment. […]

How To Get Rid Of Chocolate Stains On Jeans

Any chocolate that comes into contact with your body will start to melt and more deeply stain your clothes. Remove the excess as soon as possible and wait to get home to take care of the rest. Remove the excess as soon as possible and wait to get home to take care of the rest. […]

How To Get Clients Through Social Media

It is amazing how Social Media is helping people to get jobs. Thank you Alexis,you have changed my life. All I want to do now is to write my poetry. I really like […]

How To Know If You Sing In Tune

You can either sing in tune or you can’t, and if you’re unable to recognize when you’re off then I would stick to music that is within your speaking range, and use pitch correction software or … […]

How To Fix Disney Bubble Wand

Disney Parks Little Mermaid Under the Sea Flounder Bubble Wand by Disney Parks ?48.70. Disney Princess DSP8-3117 Bubble Blower, Multicolour 3.0 out of 5 stars 1. ?5.34. Disney Frozen Sisters Snow Wand 2.8 out of 5 stars 11. ?12.99. Next. Customers also shopped for. Page 1 of […]

Lost P60 How To Get A New One

In this case you will get a P60. It just may be a bit strange because you are both the Employer and Employer. But the legal requirement to issue this form still needs to be followed. It just may be a bit strange because you are both the Employer and Employer. […]

How To Get To The Vindicaar From Dalaran

Below is also a portal back to Dalaran, the Matrix Core, and the Netherlight Crucible will be. So, count on the Vindicaar for being your new home! So, count on the Vindicaar for being your new home! :black_small_square: The Matrix Core will allow you to change the buffs you have on Argus. […]

Ulukk Hunger How To Get In

Fundort . Befindet sich oberhalb der "Wegmarke Nottower-Bruch", leichter zu erreichen von der "Wegmarke Bergausläufer". Ist der Eingang einer Höhle im Nordosten, dieser ist allerdings versperrt lauft einfach gegen die Wand. […]

How To Get To The Last 2 Valkyries

In the end, once you get the ball rolling and defeat one, you’ll just continue to get better loot, which will help you become more powerful. Additional tips & tricks for fighting Valkyries Here’s the gear I’ve used to defeat the Valkyries. […]

How To Get Ascii Code In Java

Then at runtime, I get the ASCII codes and convert the codes to actual characters in Java and send this Java array (containing all the characters) to the JSP page. Then my Javascript function compares each character entered by the user against the one's in the array. […]

How To Explain Dinosaurs Biblically

Does the Bible Explain Dinosaurs? Does the Bible explain dinosaurs? If so where? If not, why? Hows that list of questions grab you? Well, as I was trying to answer this question from a previous post, I found myself creating an answer big enough for a new blog post. […]

How To Get Design Suggestions On Powerpoint

1/10/2015 · More design tips: You can use display fonts for titles, subtitles, headers, and subheads, but not when stacked. For example, if you use a display font for the title, use a san serif or milder font […]

How To Lose A Few Pounds Overnight

How To Lose A Few Pounds Overnight Garcinia Cambogia Puritan S Pride Total Garcinia Cambogia Does It Work How To Lose A Few Pounds Overnight Where Can I Get Tropical Garcinia Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Info Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial Info If unwanted weight to supercharge your metabolism, then chill off. […]

How To Find My Administrator Password Windows 7

In this article I will show you in a step-by-step way how you can crack the Administrator password in Windows 7, so should you have lost, forgotten it, or simply don’t know the administrator password, then this tutorial will allow you to gain access to your computer again. […]

Pokemon Brick Bronze How To Get Corphish

Pokemon Bidoof Ralts Marill Sunkern Wooper Poliwag Surskit Yanma Skitty Magikarp (need Fishing Rod) Tympole (need Fishing Rod) Corphish (need Fishing Rod) Items Quick Ball Miracle Seed […]

How To Get To Manoa Falls

Many people that visit Hawaii are tourists who are unfamiliar with the various landmarks on the islands. Since there are so many things to do and places to see, some tourists can get overwhelmed by the density of attractions in such a small area. […]

How To Get To Mon Jam

Yes, you can get it in the Forgotten Desert (AKA Forgotten Cookie ^,^). Nowadays, people don't normally want moon dirt as much and often tell you to change moon dirt as you offer for a spike. Sorry. Nowadays, people don't normally want moon dirt as much and often tell […]

How To Get Paint Specks Off Wood Floor

The cheapest way is to get a scraper and scrape the paint off by hand. If you just have some spots of paint a chisel or a knfe might be enough to do the job. You might have to buy some sandpaper to smooth the surface afterwards. […]

How To Get Rid Of Large Skin Tags

5/02/2009 · Best Answer: Woah, dont use nailclippers! I have had many large skin tags and here is a cheap, painless way: Take a small string and actually tie a knot around the base of the skin tag. This cuts off the circulation, and you can hardly feel it. Then you have to leave that string on, and the skin tag … […]

How To Get Blu Tack Residue Off Walls

Here is how you can get the gum or sticky tack out of your hair... You can use peanut butter or Olive Oil..... 1. Pin all the rest of your hair out of the way, you don't need it spreading any more. 2. Work the peanut butter or olive oil into the affected area. Rub it in really good between your fingers. 3. Comb out the excess residue. First with a large tooth comb and then a fine tooth comb […]

How To Fix Message Bank On Uniden Phone

Head over to our DIY 'I have no dial tone' troubleshooting page and follow the steps to fix your issue or report a fault. Noisy phone line Head over to our DIY 'Troubleshooting Noise, Static or Interference' page and follow the simple steps to fix your issue or report a fault. […]

How To Give Sonos Zone Player Static Ip

6/03/2017 · In an ideal world you would want static ip addresses but you can't make sonos use a static address. I got around it by connecting my sonos units and allowing them to get an ip via DHCP then reserving that ip in my router. […]

How To Find Tagged Photos Of Someone On Facebook

Facebook’s Graph Search makes it pretty easy to creep on just about anyone, even if you aren’t friends with them, and find tons of images of they are tagged in. By simply searching “Photos of” with the name of the person you want to search, you can see any image they are tagged … […]

How To Convince Your Boyfriend To Go Vegan

Choose your needs and go for them, youre allowed to be pushy. Living your passion in everything you do will influence others to do the same. In fact, Jordan often tells me that my passion for the things I love is one of the things he likes most about me! […]

How To Get A Swoosh Account

1/01/1991 "Swoosh" was a fascinating history of Nike and the tough and competitive world of sports gear. Endorsements by winners is the key to success resulting in a brutal and expensive game. Nike, founded in 1964, was a company run like a fraternity where the key players ate and breathed Nike. The only downside of the book is its copious detail running over 600 pages. But then, this gives the […]

How To Get Inner Mind Power

Look deep within yourself to find this innate power, and then get a little extra inspiration from these 13 motivating quotes. Related: 10 Ways to Build Your Mental Strength 1. […]

How To Find Profiles By Email

Tips. Verify that your profile is visible to your friends by clicking the "Profile" link in Hotmail. Click the "Edit" link in the Contact info section. […]

How To Get Rid Of Dreadlocks On Dogs

That means that it doesn’t get stuck as much as a comb. As soon as I had most of it out I combed through it with a normal comb and moved on to the next one. As soon as I had most of it out I combed through it with a normal comb and moved on to the next one. […]

How To Follow Strangers Trailer

Watch every trailer, teaser and clips of How to Follow Strangers in Sinemia Social. Nevermiss any thriller and best scenes of How to Follow Strangers! […]

How To Kill Sha Of Fear

DPS: Always kill adds first, if you're not ccing anything kill Battle-Menders>Amber-Trapper>Blademaster. Click on Amber Prison to break people out, stay spread out and don't get near Wind Bombs . You can bloodlust to burn down adds or wait til phase 2. […]

How To Fix White Dead Pixel

Whereas dead pixels are often black and sometimes white, stuck pixels are primarily brighter than the other surrounding pixels, which should make them a bit more noticeable than the former. Sometimes you can fix stuck pixels by downloading software that flashes all the pixels on and off repeatedly to perhaps get the non-functional ones working again. Be wary of a similar dead pixel fix […]

Terraria Xbox 360 How To Get Wings Easy

Lightning bugs and worms are easy to get, I get around 20-40 lightning bugs per night, and create a new world, explore all surface tunnels and smash all the rocks, you'll get worms from them very often, some of them can contain up to 3. […]

How To Get Paypal To Stop Holding Funds

When I tried to transfer the funds to my bank from there PayPal refuse there also so basically they are holding the funds hostage. I can move it around PayPal but not to a bank account where I can […]

How To Fix Water Leakage In Split Ac

Air conditioners are present in almost every home across Brisbane and there is a very good reason for this. The heat of summer and cold of winter necessitates a reliable air conditioning system and split system units are amongst the most popular for domestic applications. […]

How To Keep A Network Secure

Written by Chris Bihary. Chris Bihary has been in the network performance industry for over 20 years. Bihary has established collaborative partnerships with technology companies to complement product performance through the integration of network test access points. […]

How To Get Mouse To Work On Ps4 Solitaire

All is connected according to the instruction, but can't get it to work on my PS4 pro. X3 was working fine. X4 happened to work only once. Then it just stays white. In the dashbord ps4 says that mouse is connected, but no response in games. Tried a bunch of different usb cables. Last time it was working it was playable for 10 mins, the it lost my dualshock ad i were not able to reconnect it […]

How To Live In Santorini

EXPERIENCE LIVING IN A SANTORINI CAVE HOUSE. Santorini does not offer you to experience like it was to be a cave man, but still you can find out how it was to live on the island a while ago when people traditionally built their homes into the caves of the Caldera. […]

How To Get Rid Of Finger And Toe Hair

I discovered finger coils when I was transitioning out of relaxed hair many moons ago. Try as I might, I couldn’t get them to turn out like I wanted. […]

How To Hit The Ball In Squash

Some not-so-obvious rules of squash are you can not carry the ball or hit the ball twice, but you can make several attempts at striking the ball as long as only contact is made once. Understanding interference . Regarding interference, one should always say "Let please" whenever you sense interference may occur. In the interest of safety one should never play the shot and allow the […]

How To Find Where The Phone Number Is From

Find My Phone Number in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: The fastest way to determine your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus phone number is by going to the settings of your smartphone. The steps below will help you find your phone number in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Turn on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Open the Settings app. Select on “Phone.” Then browse for the number at the top of the […]

How To Find Cells Which Are Not Nan Matlab

Convert cell array to ordinary array of the underlying data type. collapse all in page. Syntax. A = cell2mat(C) Description. example. A = cell2mat(C) converts a cell array into an ordinary array. The elements of the cell array must all contain the same data type, and the resulting array is of that data type. The contents of C must support concatenation into an N-dimensional rectangle […]

How To Find Investors For Property

Find real estate investors in your area by searching local real estate investing clubs, such as Bigger Pockets. Both of these organizations are online and make it easy to find investors in your area. Companies and individuals might advertise with signage, … […]

How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin On Legs

Dry skin is nothing but the dead skin that has accumulated over the top layer of your skin because it has not been exfoliated for a long time. In this article, we have some very simple and easy ways to get rid of dead skin from feet and legs. […]

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps On Chest Fast

In the same way, aspirin can be used to get rid of razor bumps fast. To use aspirin for treating razor bumps: Crush about 3 aspirin tablets and add a just enough water to make a paste. Apply a light layer of the paste on the razor bumps and let it dry before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure twice daily for a few days to get rid of the razor bumps ; 2. Antibacterial Creams […]

How To Grow Leeks In A Pot

Planting Leeks. You can grow leeks for both a summer or winter harvest. In a medium to large pot, sow seeds 15 cm (6?) apart, covering with 1/2 cm (1/4?) of soil. […]

How To Get Ox Demon King Fgo

Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve is only a 45-minute drive from Darwin. It is one of the most accessible places in the Northern Territory (NT) to experience spectacular wetlands and wildlife throughout the year. […]

How To Get Rid Of Kitchen Beetles

The larvae of carpet beetles tend to eat seeds and animal food and can also be found eating other things in the kitchen and throughout the home. Infestations of carpet beetles can quickly spread throughout your home or place of business as well. How Do I Know If I Have Carpet Beetles? If you find any carpet beetle larvae in your home or business, its highly likely that you have an unseen […]

How To Get Ebay Money Faster

How to get your money fast. Achieve and maintain eBay Top Rated Seller, Above Standard, or Standard status. Offer expedited shipping options. Specify same-day handling time, and always ship the same day you receive the order. Remember estimated delivery time is a combination of your handling time plus the carrier's published estimated delivery time. Use eBay labels to pay for shipping […]

How To Get My Texas Birth Certificate

birth certificates Birth certificates are issued in two forms--full copies or abstract copies. Full copies will always be issued if the County Clerk's office is the holder of the record. […]

How To Get A Smooth Paint Finish With A Roller

At Pro Roller Co, we provide you with access to the very best products out there to ensure you get the very best results possible. If you need paint rollers for smooth finish projects, call us at 1-800-325-9561 to see our recommendations. […]

How To Get An Acting Agent In Melbourne

The Australian Film & Television Academy is a Professional Screen Acting School with schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and LA. Simple, Real, Honest; […]

How To Get Google Street View On Iphone

You can create or import 360 photos with the Street View app. When you import a 360 photo, it will appear on the map where other users can see it. When you import a 360 photo, it will appear on the map where other users can see it. […]

How To Get Free Pizza From Pizza Hut Fridge

My dad and me were the only ones at home so we decidedo to order pizza from Pizza Hut, we'd placed the order at 8:45pm and the order was for 2 personal pizzas and one medium pizza. Time went by and there was no sign of the pizzas till 9pm […]

How To Give Baby Prune Juice

29/12/2018 · Consider giving your child 2 to 3 extra glasses of water or dilute juice (¼ juice to ¾ water) a day. Begin with diluted prune juice (with pulp), a tablespoon or two for the six- month-old and as much as eight ounces for the toddler. Try strained prunes or make a prune puree (stew your own or buy commercial), either straight or disguised (mixed with a favorite food), or spread it on a […]

How To Get Paid Apps For Free Cydia Ios 10

Steps to jailbreak iOS 10.2 and Install Cydia: 1. First of all, take the backup of all your data on the device for the prevention of your data to be lost in any of the side effects resulting out of the method. […]

How To Find Your Readers

Your survey is a great opportunity to find out whether your readers are up-to-date on your offerings, and to remedy it if not. In the follow-up email I sent to my list about the survey results, I mentioned that many respondents requested the same three products over and over and hey, whaddaya know, I already have those and here are the links! […]

How To Get Height In Meters

UTM is nice, because it's meters, so easy to work with. However, you will need to get the appropriate UTM zone for it to do a good job. There are some simple codes available via googling to find an appropriate zone for a lat/long pair. […]

How To Get Rid Of Walord Cliches Hoi4

13/11/2012 · Mazzarini enlists a team of commandos (Lewis Collins and Manfred Lehmann amongst them) to get rid of the warlord. Somewhere along the way, some plastic surgery, a shipment of weapons, a camp Donald Pleasence and a floppy disc full of top secret information get wrapped up in the plot which strings together a series of double crosses and action sequences. […]

How To Lose Weight Using Treadmill

How Can I Lose Weight Using Treadmill Does Lemon And Cucumber Water Detox How Can I Lose Weight Using Treadmill Great Natural Detox Best Smoothie For Cleansing And Detox Your body brings the actual big guns for this one; Adrenaline and Cortisol: These are immediately rushed to top lines boost you blood pressure, heart rate, and supplies to ones blood. Its your bodies natural defense to a […]

How To Keep Baby Cool

Keeping cool in Singapore’s tropical climate can be a challenge, and as all mums and dads know nothing makes a baby more irritable than being uncomfortably hot. […]

How To Get Standard Issue Back Bling

The latest Tweets from Standard Issue (@StandardIssueUK). A podcast magazine for the sharp and the witty, covering news, views, reviews, life, stuff and everything else. @MicksterNoonan @thatdunleavy @inspireajen […]

How To Find Out About New Construction

10/06/2008 · I closed on a new construction home in Finding out property tax amount on new construction. (Raleigh, Knightdale: sales, real estate) - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary - North Carolina (NC) -The Triangle Area - City-Data Forum […]

How To Get Emp In Closers

5/05/2012 If you get too close, employees will lose respect for you. You might have to discipline some of these people, and if youre too close your relationship will interfere. Close relationships will cloud your judgment. […]

How To Find Home Buyers And Sellers

Find out what your home is worth, then shave 15 to 20 percent off the price. You’ll be stampeded by buyers with multiple bids — even in the worst markets — and they’ll bid up the price over what it’s worth. It takes real courage and most sellers just don’t want to risk it, but it’s the […]

How To Get Into Iphone Windows

8/11/2018 · Connect your iPhone to your Windows computer. Plug one end of the iPhone's charging cable into the iPhone's charging port, then plug the USB end into one of your computer's USB ports. […]

How To Get Custom Zombie Maps On Xbox One

This really cool Rainbow Horse Run map which got made by (unown), and the showcase video below got made on the Xbox 360 by Caspian 2.0, but the map can be played on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. […]

How To Fix Flickering Screen Samsung

Okay so my first s7 edge i had the screen started flickering about 2 months after buying it the flickering go so bad that i couldn't even use my phone as i didn't know what had caused it to do it i just clamped on my phone insurance and receive a new device still a s7 edge then with in 2/3 weeks the new device started flickering too as i was […]

How To Grow Calendula Flowers

Growing calendula from seed gives you plants that flower profusely, so go ahead and pick to your hearts content! Picking forces the plant to send out more flowers. Calendula can survive light frosts. In my herb garden, calendula is one of the last blooming flowers late into autumn. […]

How To Kill Flea Eggs

Premium Products, Genuine care. We've sourced the best products available, from the leading producers and manufacturers, and placed them all in the one spot for your selection. […]

How To Get Rid Of A Sore Throat Immediately

22/11/2010 · Best Answer: Sore throat 1. Cayenne Pepper Gargle: Add 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a cup of water (can be warmed) and gargle. Repeat throughout the day for at least one to two days. Some recommend Supplementary Remedies: 2. Internal Zinc (antibacterial): Take 25 to 50 milligrams of zinc gluconate […]

How To Get Guitar Chords From Songs

Our site provide to you the most popular songs in chords. Causing you to learn and gain experience in burrows the songs you like best. We have a list of instruments with various information for you to play your favorite music. […]

How To Get Xray Vision In Real Life

A new kind of helmet developed by UK-based defense contractor BAE Systems gives fighter pilots 'X-ray vision', enabling them to see outside the aircraft in every direction, including through its […]

How To Fly A Plane In Arma 3

The more the fast, the more the lifties - and they will pick a plane right up off of the ground. Now, then, if one goes too slow they get bored and fly off on their own, and the plane won't go up any more. […]

How To Include Franking Credit In Tax Return

The post-tax return on their assets with refundable franking credits is 5.14 per cent. Without refundable franking credit it falls to 4.26 per cent. Without refundable franking credit it falls to 4.26 per cent. […]

How To Get In The Godium Slime Rancher

1 Special types of Slimes in Slime Rancher Gold Slime One very rare type of slime that appears randomly on the map and produces gold plorts which have a 200 value. […]

How To Learn Recursion Python

1. Take a string from the user. 2. Pass the string as an argument to a recursive function to reverse the string. 3. In the function, put the base condition that if the … […]

How To Know Turtle Gender

17/07/2016 · This is also an accurate way to tell with ; Red Eared sliders and Map turtles. There are many other aquatic species of turtles that also can be identified the same way. Your turtle … […]

How To Know What My Bupa Insurance Includes

For example, I previously had Bupa Thailand cover for my daughter, which was fine inside Thailand, but if say we travelled to Singapore, I'd have to take out extra cover or additional travel insurance because the cover was calculated on Thai hospital costs and as […]

How To Fix Box Pleat That Gapes

I allowed three inches for the pleat and one inch for hems on each side, which gave me a 56 inch length for the long panels and 31 inches for the short panels I wanted my crib skirt to have an 11 inch drape (When the crib mattress is lowered, the skirt will be the exact distance from the floor. […]

I Know How To Spell

1/06/2013 · Hi, I know "how to +verb 'base form' " can be used as an noun. When I want to ask my students to spell a word out, can I use "how to spell it” directly to replace "how do you spell it" ? […]

How To Find The Perimeter Of A Triangle Formula

18/09/2016 · Perimeter Of A Triangle Formula P = a+b+c Perimeter (P) of a Triangle equals the sum of each side (a, b, c). How about a problem? What is the Perimeter of a Triangle with sides of 3 inches, 4 […]

How To Fix Trsnsformer Chsrger

26/07/2018 · Confirm the proper input to the transformer. Apply power to the circuitry. Use the DMM in AC mode to measure the transformer primary. If the measurement is less than 80 percent of the expected voltage, the fault could lie in either the transformer or the … […]

How To Get Over A Best Friend You Love

I can understand your situation. Not sure but maybe this is just due to the reason that you never expressed your love to her. Therefore she always considered you a best friend … […]

How To Get A Large Dick

View all penis enlargement patches. So, the reason that you have found yourself on this website is pretty simple, it’s because as a man you want to know how to get a big dick … […]

How To Get Angry For A Fight

19/04/2016 · about angry birds fight! – a match-3 frenzy where you take on other players in real-time battles of strategic, bird swapping agility! Join your favorite flock on a journey to match tons of […]

How To Get Rid Of A Profession In Wow

Reagent Helper 2: Remastered About Inspired by the original addon by Tuatara from Cosmos UI comes Reagent Helper 2: Remastered. RH2 shows within a reagent item's tooltip the Profession … […]

How To Get Better Enchantments In Minecraft

5/09/2012 · The idea is that it starts out the same, putting an item into the enchanting slot and clicking a button; but then the view changes to a workbench, and you can put reagents on the matrix to select the enchantments that actually get put on the item. The basic goal here is to eliminate random factors in enchanting. […]

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